The Abolishing Fist. Note that it only does damage and does not launch the opponent when not on counter-hit.

The Abolishing Fist is a move possessed by Kazuya Mishima since his introduction in the first Tekken game. Its input is d/f 2.

When to use

Albeit being a simple move, Abolishing Fist is one of Kazuya's main tools in dishing out powerful combos. First, the hit tracks fully at any direction. Second, this move can stun an opponent on counter-hit and gives a formidable frame advantage (at 13 frames), meaning that if one is good at using Electric Wind God Fist, then you can set the opponent up for a good launcher, and possibly perform more damaging combos at disposal.

It should be noted, however, that all of this properties were balanced as the series progresses. In the first game, the move already has this properties despite the game mechanics not having a Supercharger nor a balanced counter-hit proc ratio.


  • The art of Shotokan Karate where striking techniques are trained to unleash unstoppable power is evident in all of Kazuya's move list. Examples of the moves used by him are Sokushitsu Goda, Double Back Fist, Agony Spear, Kumo Kiri, Demon's Wrath, and many more.

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