Akuma has red hair tied in a small top knot, tanned skin, sharp pointed teeth, crimson eyes and is often seen in barefoot or wearing sandals.

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

He usually seen in a dark colored karate gi similar to both Ryu and Ken but it is dark gray. He either wears brown training gauntlets or wraps his hands with rope and wears his deceased master Goutetsu's prayer beads around his neck, with a visible black "heaven" (天, ten) kanji on the center bead.

This kanji is featured frequently in Akuma's appearance, most often at the end of a Raging Demon attack, where it burns itself onto the back of Akuma's gi top.

  • His customizations are the same as other male characters but he can be customized such as muscle shirts as part of his casual attire, a god warrior and one of his disguised forms in Pocket Fighter in different colors and design which is his Japanese Fortune teller attire. He can also customize him wearing his Swap Costume in Street Fighter X Tekken which is a white modified fundoshi worn by Heihachi in Tekken 4.

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