Being himself an alternate outfit for Roger, Alex had only one outfit through the Tekken series. He is selected by pressing one of the kick buttons while selecting Roger.

Tekken 2

Tekken2 Alex

Alex in Tekken 2.

For his first appearance in Tekken 2, Alex was introduced as the player two outfit of Roger. Being a velociraptor, he has green skin, a long tail and claws on his feet. The only piece of clothing he does wear are a pair of blue boxing gloves, in contrast to Roger's red boxing gloves.

Tekken Tag Tournament

TTT Alex

Alex in Tekken Tag Tournament.

In Tekken Tag Tournament, Alex returns as the player two outfit of Roger, and his appearance is identical to that of his Tekken 2 appearance, although he has been redesigned with improved graphics.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Alex returns with his own character slot and is identical in appearance to his previous form, but he has been redesigned with greatly improved graphics.

Player 1 outfit:

As before, Alex wears a pair of blue boxing gloves.

Player 2 outfit:

Alex's boxing gloves are recolored yellow.

  • Alex's swimsuit DLC sees him wearing a one-piece swimsuit in a choice of three colors - red, blue or black.

Tekken (Mobile)

Alex's eyes are now yellow instead of hazel.

Player 1 outfit

(See Tekken Tag Tournament 2 outfit) (2-Star)


  • Alex gains an flaming mohawk on its head and a lighter shades of green large fins with purple tips at the back to make it resemble an indominus rex. He also wore a black spiked gladiator armor and a matching black greaves with red sash that resembles a loincloth, and bronze kneepads, It also has light orange feathers in each sides at the each of the pauldron and wears black boxing gloves with spikes.