240px-All hallows eve

All Hallow's Eve is a stage in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection corresponding to Secret Garden in Tekken 5. The differences between this stage and its Tekken 5 counterpart is that this one is set in a Halloween-themed setting with things like pumpkins on the ground, webbed gates, etc. The twin gargoyle statues holding spears on the gate and the tall statue can still be seen here but the wall is rocked instead of a concrete wall. More pumpkins are seen on top of the corners of the wall but it cannot be broken. 

Background Music

The stage BGM is named "Martial Medicine".

Tekken Dark Resurrection OST - All Hallow's Eve (Martial Medicine)03:18

Tekken Dark Resurrection OST - All Hallow's Eve (Martial Medicine)


  • The pumpkins that are on the floor can be broken.
  • The frogs are still here but they have pumpkin faces when stepped on.
  • This stage's theme is similar to Julia Chang's Tekken 3 theme.

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