Alstroemeria (アルストロメリア/arusutoromeria) is an attack given to Lili on her debut in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. Its input is f,F+3,3+4.

The move is begins with a jumping leaping kick and finishes with a double flip finisher that knocks down on hit. The move was originally much slower and telegraphed in her debut but it was made to be faster in Tekken 6 onwards. While the move is now faster, it's still unsafe on block if the string isn't finished, but it has good reach as well as being considered jumping. In Tekken Tag Tournament 2 she is now able to transition into her "Dew Glide" wavedash stance as a different option from this attack, allowing her to briefly avoid high attacks as well as being somewhat safer on block. It also allows her to to perform longer range combos that can lead the opponents to walls.


  • Alstroemeria is the scientific name of the Peruvian lily genus.
  • Lili's rage art in Tekken 7 begins with this attack, and she is also able to transition into the attack from her "Moonsault" in latter games.