Angel Knee, called Wing Knee (ウイングニー/uingu nii) in Japan, is an attack held by Lili on her debut in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. Its input is uf+3+4. Inputting 3+4 again will have her perform Wing Knee Cannon (ウイングニーキャノン/uingu nii kyanon).

The move is basically a swift jumping double knee attack that originally only had one follow up in her debut, which was unsafe but provided a very good launch as a reward. In Tekken 6, Lili's original neutral 3 kick "Front Kick" attack is replaced with a different attack and is now the second follow up to this move. While the move is safer than the 3+4 option and is guaranteed upon successful hit, the move isn't that safe on block and can be crouched due to being a high kick, as well as being vulnerable to attack reversals.

Trivia =

  • In Tekken Card Tournament, It's treated as a Super Rare card that does thirty base hit points. If the opponent has at least two cards, then five health points will be drained after each turn. It's an effective but not very popular card and is Lili's only SR card that is currently on the market for 320,000 gold.