T7 Stage - Arena 1

Arena is a stage in the console and PC versions of Tekken 7. Set in an octagonal ring similar to the Arena of Tekken 4 but with cage walls that do not extend above the fighters' waists. Stadium seating is packed with a rabid audience while some spectators are watching the fight from ringside. The arena floor is covered with sponsorship graphics as are several large revolving sponsorship boards that surround the ring. Plumes of flame will occasionally ignite around the ring. An entrance ramp flanks one side of the ring with a large monitor that mirrors the events in the ring behind it. In the center of the ring, the floor lights up where the fighters stand with small octagon-shaped LEDs and the graphics in the center will change over time.


  • Among the sponsor boards and banners, a logo for General Resource Limited from Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere is displayed. This logo made its official debut in Tekken 7, as it was only used as concept art in Ace Combat 3.
  • King, Asuka, Lili, Panda and Paul's endings all take place here.
    • While King does fight Jack-7 in this stage and vice-versa, Jack-7's own ending takes place on the G Corp. Helipad stage instead, making Jack-7 one of the few, if not the only character whose Character Episode ending doesn't take place in the stage they fight their opponent in.
  • This stage has the most amount of character endings that take place in Tekken 7, with a total of five characters' endings taking place here.
  • A couple of Tekken Force soldiers can be seen in the background of the stage, towards the far right.
  • This is the third arena stage in Tekken series, preceded by Arena from Tekken 4 and Arena from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Each one of those are structured differently.
  • Bob, King and Steve's Character Episode prologues take place in this stage.


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