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The Arm Breaker Combo, called the Special Combination 2 (スペシャルコンビネーション 2 Supesharu kombinēshon 2) in Japan, refers to the sets of chain grabs that can be performed by King starting with the grab, Arm Breaker. The available sets are:

Set 1

  1. Arm Breaker.
  2. Triple Arm Breaker.

Set 2

  1. Arm Breaker.
  2. Head Jammer.
  3. Struggle Combination.

Set 3

  1. Arm Breaker.
  2. Chicken Wing Face Lock.
  3. Dragon Sleeper Finish.

Set 4

  1. Arm Breaker.
  2. Chicken Wing Face Lock.
  3. Rolling Death Cradle.

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