Armor King (アーマー・キング Āmā Kingu?) is a title that two characters have taken in the Tekken series. Even though there have been two characters who have taken the name, each is simply called Armor King in their respective games, though a numerical value is sometimes given to them to separate them as different characters, similar to King.


Both Armor King I and Armor King II are luchadores, brothers and have a complex relationship with the Kings.

Armor King I was a prominent enemy of King I, especially when King was an inexperienced wrestler. However, the two would later become friends and rivals after sparring. Later on Armor King I was depressed when his best friend, King I dies by the hands of Ogre, but later he heard a rumor about a second King and trained him to improve his skills.

Armor King II is the younger brother of the Armor King from the early Tekken games and first appeared as playable character in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and has returned for every subsequent game.

His past is shrouded in mystery. What is known is that he and his brother were a wrestling tag team, both using the same outfit and name. Why his brother decided to keep this a secret from King II is unknown. He has severe hatred for Craig Marduk for murdering his brother and seems to have some sort of dislike against King II for forgiving Marduk and being friends with him.


Armor King/Outfits



Armor King I entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament. Going against his rival and good friend, King I, the two had an intense battle. Though King won the fight, Armor King's eye was scratched and damaged. Thus, Armor King bowed out of the tournament.

Tekken 2

After the events of The King of Iron Fist Tournament, Armor King disappeared from the professional fighting world. However, he would have his limelight in the underground rings. After some time, Armor King heard news from the orphanage that King had gone missing because of a child's death in his care. Worried about his old friend, he went out in search of him and found him in an alleyway, mentally broken. He convinced his rival to get back into the fighting spirit just in time for The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2.

Ending Description: Armor King was sitting on a bench in the locker room with a heartbeat monitor fastened to him (hinting that he has a heart condition). Getting ready for his wrestling match, he stood up, only for his vision to get blurry and for him to stumble. From his damaged eye, blood was drawn. He got up and walked into the ring, much to the excitement of the crowd.

Tekken 3

Sometime surrounding the events of Tekken 3, Ogre attacked many fighters around the world, including King I, who was murdered by this unknown creature. A young orphan, upon hearing news of his mentor's death, donned King's jaguar mask and imitated his style under the King name in order to continue supporting the orphanage financially. However, the new King was not on the same level as his mentor, and repeatedly lost every competition he entered. Out of respect for his dead friend, Armor King visited the new King, introducing himself as an old friend. He decided to train this new King, who would become King II. King II then entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 to test his skills.

In King II's ending, he was watching his protege fight well in the ring. After he gives him the go-sign to finish the fight, he left the match to return to the locker room. King II hurriedly ran there, only to find Armor King sullenly thinking about his disease and about his dead friend (King II's sucess was a reminisent of King I's greatness).

Tekken 4

Before The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, Craig Marduk started a bar brawl in Arizona, and Armor King was killed. King II entered the tournament in the hopes that he would beat Marduk in defense of his now dead master. King II payed for Marduk's release from prison, and waited for Marduk at the tournament.

In King II's ending, King II was ready to deliver a finishing blow to Marduk, only to realize revenge is not the answer when King II witness a photo of his family besides him.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

Even though Armor King I had been killed, a new fighter entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 donning the black jaguar mask.

During the 4th match of the tournament, he fought Craig Marduk. Marduk had no idea who the fighter was but fought anyway. This fighter (now dubbed Armor King for the sake of fighting) won the match. When Marduk asked who he was, "Armor King" responded with a kick to the head.

Ending Description: "Armor King" walked away after defeating Jinpachi Mishima, only to cross paths with King II. When King II wanted to know who he was, "Armor King" responded with a jumping Tombstone Piledriver, before walking into the sunset. King II then recovered from the attack, as if he knew the move from somewhere.

Tekken 6

After The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, "Armor King" attacked Craig Marduk and then vanished. Marduk and King II entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 in the hopes that the assailant would show himself.

Ending Description: "Armor King" was holding a photograph depicting two Armor Kings. He got up and started to walk away.

In conjunction with King II's and Marduk's endings, King II was seen holding a photograph of his dead mentor. When trying to place it back, it slipped and the frame cracked. Behind the photo was another one, shockingly revealing two Armor Kings (the exact same photo the assailant was holding). King II stared on in shock.

The scene shifted to Marduk digging up the first dead Armor King's grave. He saw the dead body and abruptly stood up, turning around and asking who the fighter was, who silently stood behind him. King II showed up at the graveyard last, asking who exactly the fighter was. The man donning the black jaguar mask asserted he was Armor King and no one else. Marduk deemed this foolish as he killed him with his own hands, plus the fact he had just saw the body. The mysterious person then revealed that Armor King is not just one person, and that he was the younger brother of Armor King I, thus making him Armor King II. (a flashback shows the first Armor King walking down a hallway and then stumbling while clutching his chest, confirming that he had a heart condition) Armor King II then said he would never forgive Marduk for killing his brother 2 years ago. The fight between Marduk and Armor King occured in the later game.

Tekken 7

When King tried to stop Marduk and Armor King II from fighting each other in attempt to make peace and explain everything to Armor King, both Marduk and Armor King ignores King's treaty, as Armor King II did not trust Marduk, and Marduk felt Armor won't listen to anything explanations but revenge, causing both fighters hurting each other and ended up in hospital. Marduk and Armor King II's reckless action led King to keep fighting for the fight money not only for their hospital bills, but also for the church King use to reside in.

Other Appearances

Tekken Tag Tournament

Armor King I appeared as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament. King II is his sub-boss by default and Ancient Ogre is his sub-boss if unlocked.

Namco x Capcom

Armor King I appeared in Namco x Capcom as both an enemy unit and playable character. This was Armor King I's last appearance.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Armor King II appears as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Armor King Arcade Ending01:06

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Armor King Arcade Ending

Ending Description: Armor King is fighting Marduk and King II alongside his partner, Jaycee. Marduk attempts to wear Armor King down by head butting him. He also reverses Armor King's german suplex. When Marduk was about to do a high five with King, Armor King managed to attack Marduk and knocked King out as well. King attempted to attack Armor King, but was knocked down by Jaycee's hurricanrana. Marduk attempts to attack Armor King once again with a cross body drop, but Armor King and Jaycee reverse this into a double neck breaker, knocking out Marduk.

Tekken Revolution

Armor King II appears as an unlockable playable character in Tekken Revolution. He was included along with Jun Kazama as part of the Winter Campaign event.


The first Armor King started out as a King "clone character", with some Mishima-style moves added to his moveset, like the Dragon Uppercut and the Wind God Fist. In Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Armor King II was introduced with a completely revamped moveset.

Armor King is a pressure heavy character with an emphasis on inflicting "scare tactics". He has a very solid moveset, with quick mids, good lows, and an above average throwing game. The main charm about Armor King is his special dash, equipped by the Mishimas. This allows Armor King to close the distance fairly quickly, and he has a good arsenal of moves out of his dash that includes a special chain throw, an unblockable, and a launcher.

In order to be successful with Armor King, players needs to have a great understanding of Tekken fundamentals, such as spacing, punishing, and movement. Armor King has all the tools to punish almost every mistake, meaning he has to be played in a very particular way depending on the opponent. He is not a beginner friendly character, and rewards those who not only know how to play Armor King, but how to play Tekken in general.

Fighting Style

Armor King uses Pro Wrestling. Unlike King, his fighting style is more oriented towards the "shoot" style, which has more of an emphasis on strikes as opposed to holds.


Character Relationships

Armor King I's character relationships are as follow:

  • Armor King II - His younger brother.
  • King I - His former enemy, rival and close friend.
  • King II - His disciple.
  • Ogre/True Ogre - Ever since Ogre killed King I. Armor King I has seen Ogre as his enemy.
  • Roger - Armor King I trained him in Tekken 2 to fight.
  • Alex - Armor King I trained him in Tekken 2 to fight.
  • Craig Marduk - Armor King I was killed by him in a bar brawl due to Marduk being in a bad mood.

Armor King II's character relationships are as follow:

  • Armor King I - His beloved older brother.
  • Craig Marduk - His sworn enemy ever since Craig killed Armor King I.
  • King II - Unlike Armor King I, Armor King II is not allies or friends with King II, mainly because of his disgust towards the fact that King II spared Marduk's life for a good reasons relating to Armor King I's wish to King II. No matter how Armor King II behaves towards King II, King II wanted to save Armor King II's live like he did redeeming Marduk.
  • Leo Kliesen - As a fellow enemy of G Corporation, Leo wants to recruit him become her ally against the Corporation, but he refuses.
  • Kazuya Mishima - His enemy.
  • Jaycee - His tag partner in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.



  • Armor King is mostly based on the masked wrestler, Black Tiger. The first Armor King was based on British wrestler Mark Rocco's depiction as Black Tiger, and the second was based on the late Mexican wrestler Eddie Guerrero's depiction of Black Tiger. However, his depiction of wearing spiked shoulder pads and spiked wristcuffs make Armor King I and II look like a combination of Demolition and the Road Warriors.
  • Like King, he growls like a jaguar instead of talking.
  • Armor King was originally called Black King prior to production of the first Tekken.
  • Armor King is not a playable character in Tekken 3, 4 or 5. It is only until Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection that he returns to playable status albeit the younger Armor King.
  • Armor King's throws and holds, along with many of his basic attacks, are adapted from pro wrestling moves.



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