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Asuka's Ultimate Tackle
Asuka Kazama's secret move..00:05

Asuka Kazama's secret move... D

is a special move that can only be used by Asuka Kazama. She can only use it when fighting Jin Kazama (In Tekken 6, however, it can be used against anyone).


When executed, Asuka will tackle Jin, knocking him down while saying "shibateru!". It can be followed up with mounted punches (2,1,2,1_2,1,1,2), the former damaging a total of 25, the latter 32. With every punch, she verbally assaults him by saying "Boke! ahou! ahou! boke! shine!" (Translation:"Idiot! fool! fool! idiot! die!"). Asuka's Ultimate Tackle cannot be avoided by pressing 2 like a regular ultimate tackle, but it can be overturned by pressing 1+2 upon landing on the ground.

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