T6 Azazel's chamber

Azazel's Chamber is the final boss stage of Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion and the console version of Tekken 6. This stage is where the fight with the game's final boss, Azazel, takes place. The stage in particular has no definite walls. The flooring seems to have some sort of an ancient, geometric depiction of Azazel himself with noticeably large eyes. There is blue smog on the back area of the ground. There are also blue tints of lights illuminating the stage overall.

Background Music

The stage BGM is called "Sacred Dark".

Tekken 6 Soundtrack Azazel's Chamber04:30

Tekken 6 Soundtrack Azazel's Chamber


  • In Scenario Campaign, this stage can be accessed by playing the final stage Azazel's Temple, Central Corridor where the player encounters Azazel; however, this version of the arena is not an infinite stage, meaning that there are walls.
  • In Alisa's journal, it is known as the "Oracle's Chamber" which is therefore the inner sanctum.
  • This stage has been depicted in several endings of the game, including Devil Jin, Ganryu, Hwoarang, Yoshimitsu, Wang Jinrei and Baek Doo San's.
  • The cracked door was caused by Zafina when she opened it (as seen in the Tekken 6 opening scene).

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