Azazel's Temple, Central Corridor is the final stage of Scenario Campaign mode in Tekken 6.

The characters the player fights against here are:

  • (Azazel's Temple, Prophet's Garden) Many G Corporation and Jacks will be fought on the outside entrance area leading to the interior of the temple first. Directly behind the player, they will find 2 wooden crates, one contains an stun drink, and the other a gatling gun. Once they defeat the first wave of G Corporation soldiers, several Jacks will appear to fight the player. the one that appears from the far right at the beginning of the stage will drop an invulnerability drink, so the player can use it to their advantage. Defeat the final 3 large Jacks and 2 G Corporation soldiers to advance to the next area.
  • Kazuya Mishima (Central Corridor) More G Corporation and Jacks, mixed with Claw and Armored men are fought here. 1/4 through the stage, 2 soldiers and 2 Jacks will appear. Once the 2 Jacks are defeated, they will drop a rage and stun drink. Towards the end of the stage, a Jack, once defeated, will drop a x2 bonus. Defeat Kazuya to clear this area. Side note, this is the last time the player will fight G corporation soldiers or Jacks for the remainder of the stage.
  • Azazel (Oracle's Chamber) This is the halfway point in the stage. The player will fight several gargoyles here, one dropping a rage drink. Azazel is much easier to defeat here than in Arcade Mode, but the player should not let their guard down. Side note, this is 1 of only 2 stages in all of Scenario Campaign where the player fight gargoyles. The other is Nightmare Train.
  • (Central Corridor) Move quickly through this area because the temple is collapsing and if the player are caught by a falling pillar, the player will die instantly. As a little side note, from this point onward they will fight only Mishima Zaibatsu soldiers. A little ways though the stage the player will find a crate that contains a flamethrower. Also one of the enemies will drop a x2 bonus. This happens again towards the end of the area as well, where there will be a armored guy waiting for the player. However, defeating him first is a mistake. In order to receive the special flag the player have to defeat all enemies in this stage. Backtrack to where the pillars stopped falling, and several female soldiers will drop down in waves of 2, each individual one giving them 10 extra seconds. After that, the player can defeat the armored guy and each crate, only 2, will contain random weapons. Defeat all the enemies and then the Special Flag will appear.
  • Alisa Bosconovitch (Prophet's Garden) There are 4 wooden crates. 2 contain chickens, other a flamethrower and gatling gun. 2 female soldiers will be standing there with her, each dropping a x2 bonus when defeated. When Alisa's health bar is at 20%, an alien will appear out of the ruble. Defeat it for 3000 points, money, health, and treasures.
  • Jin Kazama (Prophet's Garden, final boss) Same as Alisa, there are 4 wooden crates, 2 containing chickens, and 2 containing weapons, one a flamethrower, and another a Lead Pipe. Jin fights differently in this stage. He moves extremely fast, and can shoot a laser out of his forehead that freezes the player. Defeat him carefully, strategically, the player should remember to keep their guard up at all times. After this the player will have cleared the stage, gaining several million points, and completing Scenario Campaign.

Raven's Journal

  1. (Central Corridor) "By the time we reached the temple, the G Corporation's elite forces were stationed out front. This could mean Kazuya Mishima's after the same thing as Jin. Maybe Zafina's legend about the two dark stars wasn't so wrong after all, but the thing about legends is that they aren't a mirror of the future. They're just flimsy predictions, and I know a hell of a lotta ways to disprove predictions. The only ones fit to shape the future is us, who live here in the present."
  2. (Oracle's Chamber) "I used to doubt anything having to do with the supernatural, but after what I saw today... Who wouldn't believe in things like gods and demons? What we saw was nothing short of a demon in real form. But I can't let a creature like that live. If an abomination like him can be called the Rectifier, then what's that say about our identity as an organization? We're the only ones who can uphold and protect the power balance of the world."

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