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Beach is a stage in Tekken 2. The fight takes place on a beach marked with footprints, while sand castles, tall palm trees and an elevated beach shack line the arena. Cloudy skies above a calm sea can be seen in the background.

Background Music

Tekken 2 - Alex Roger's Theme02:18

Tekken 2 - Alex Roger's Theme



  • This is Roger's stage.
  • The stage is very similar to it's Tekken 4 counterpart, except fighters cannot enter the ocean, nor can the fighters hit any of the palm trees.
  • This stage is reused from Tekken, where it was named Fiji.
  • When Roger is fought here as Kazuya Mishima's sub-boss, the normal stage theme will play, unlike all other sub-boss battles where the regular stage theme will be replaced with a dedicated sub-boss theme.
  • A remixed version of the background music can be heard in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

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