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For the Tekken 2 stage, see Beach (Tekken 2).
Beach T4

Beach is a stage in Tekken 4. As the name suggests, this fight takes place at a beach. The ocean can be walked into only on the surface since red balls and a rope separate the part of the ocean into what can and can't be walked on. Many palm trees, some billboards, and a concrete wall with graffiti on it are also in the stage. A metal fence surrounds the fighters as well as a shack.

Background Music

The stage BGM is called "Kitsch".

Tekken 4 - Kitsch (Beach Stage)03:52

Tekken 4 - Kitsch (Beach Stage)


  • This is possibly Christie Monteiro and/or Eddy Gordo's stage.
    • A sign seen on the concrete wall is notably written in Portuguese, not only suggesting the stage is set in Brazil but also furthering that it is Christie's and/or Eddy's stage as they are the only characters in this game with any direct association to the language.
  • This is the largest non-infinite stage seen in any Tekken game.
  • There is an invisible wall that can be reached by going far enough into the water.

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