• BlazeSeed366

    I'll admit about all my fanon fics in about the title "The Strangest Things" 

    This is all about real people who were the ones releasing the Tekken characters from the game and other real people are shown to act strange, odd, and weird.

    In real life, they can only play the game such as it's arcade machine kits and the consoles such as PSP, PS3 and the latest PS4 games particularly the Tekken series. But in the story, the real people can play the game but accidentally releasing the characters from the game chose them as their partners. 

    Both Rhima and her father Hunyo are the only ones to release the game characters when they are spoke by the characters they chose them to play the game (eg. Jin and Lee) as both noticed it was totally…

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  • BlazeSeed366

    Ever since I played Tekken 3 until Tekken 6, I mostly play Jin Kazama in the game. But most of my fics are very focused on him. I had a very strong imagination about Jin whenever I make fanfics especially to all of PSY songs where I could make a gag fic where he could dance like "Gangnam Style" or "Daddy".

    Whenever I make a fanfic, I could alwags imagine he dances all of PSY's songs. I had two versions between "Gangnam Style" and Gentleman" where some scenes within my crossover fic or th3 actual fic based on the games like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 or Tekken 7.

    Since Tekken 7 is going to release soon, I just imagined the gag scenes where Jin was walking to see other characters based on their Story Mode where Steve tries to defend his mother Nina,…

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  • Lukehalili

    Question for new page

    April 12, 2017 by Lukehalili

    Remember the Minions/Enemies from Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign? Am I allowed to make a page for those enemies. I'll just give a specific name. Just let me know if you decided. Thanks.

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  • RuRuben Madrid


    December 20, 2016 by RuRuben Madrid
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  • RuRuben Madrid
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  • RuRuben Madrid

    I love Tekken forever

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  • Lahcenrekab

    These are two discs of Tekken 7: OST, some them are included in Tekken 7: FR.

    This is the Original Soundtracks (Score) of Tekken 7.The audio is in its highest quality (320 kbps).

    Most of the tracks are a bit Electronic, you’ll hear a lot of Dubstep, Drum ’n’ Bass and EDM pieces.

    Track listing:
    AJURIKA – Heat Haze Shadow (0:00)
    Taku Inoue – Fight Night (1:56)
    Rio Hamamoto – Dojo 1st (5:28)
    Rio Hamamoto – Dojo 2nd (9:56)
    Taku Inoue – Ruin 65 1st (13 :15)
    Taku Inoue – Ruin 65 2nd (16 :31)
    AJURIKA – Equator line 1st (19:20)
    AJURIKA – Equator line 2nd (22:21)
    Keiichi Okabe (B.K.O) – Arctic snowfall 1st (25:55)
    Keiichi Okabe  (B.K.O) – Arctic snowfall 2nd (30:26)
    Nobuyoshi Sano (sanodg) – The day before the glass matrix 1st (34:06)
    Nobuyoshi Sano …

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  • Lahcenrekab

    Tekken 7: FR Gameplays

    August 13, 2016 by Lahcenrekab
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  • Yellowjacket02

    I think Tekken's future will probably end at Tekken 7 or Tekken 8 and if it does, Harada will probably only make spinoffs of Tekken like Tekken tag tournament 3 and etc...

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  • SachuXiaoyu Lolitademigod

    Ok, Yoshimitsu is the only Tekken character that changes his outfit/appereance to a completely different one but his face is never shown.

    [Here are Yoshimitsus' outfits throughout Tekken: Yoshimitsu Gallery]

    I'm just going to point out some of the weird outfits of Yoshimitsu. In Tekken 4  he has fairy/cockroach wings and inhuman and monstrous feet with a rhino helmet and a skull mask. In Tekken 5 he's in full samurai/ninga armour with also a skull mask...and golden crab leg hair or tentacles?? In Tekken 7 he's like...half human and half squid monster. This time he has tentacles for hair, this shares a similarity with his Tekken 5 appereance despite the golden crab hair. His mask looks like a spiders face until the jaw down, which is seemingl…

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  • KarinKazuki

    List of Moves in Tekken 7

    December 22, 2015 by KarinKazuki

    Command inputs are the "directions" for the use of attacks in the Tekken series and other fighting games. Detailed below are the various type of inputs used in the series, as well as a basic guide to reading inputs and performing them.

    All inputs mentioned on the wiki are meant to be read from the "default" perspective of a right-facing player character, unless noted otherwise. For a left-facing character, simply invert the direction.

    For the sake of clarity, motions are "performed" in attack articles as opposed specifically to "pressed"; this is done for the sake of simplicity, and to acknowledge the use of arcade sticks as well as direction pads. In addition, the motions themselves will be underlined; hover over the underlined portions to see …

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  • BlazeSeed366

    We all know that Lars is a character from the sixth game and returns for the subsequent ones and its spin-offs. Like Atsumi a.k.a. Ryukou who is a big fan of Claudio. Rose a.k.a. BlazeSeed366 who is currently a big fan of Jin despite the guy's role as an anti-hero. But this woman Vanessa who herself as Vinny or Vin by me a.k.a. v0lauvent and Lars Alexandersson himself who is the big fan of Lars himself in the actual game.

    I remember seven years ago, when I started RPing with them, I can see Vin portrays as Lars until when she became the admin of their own forum.

    By the time I made a stupid mistake that I just personally remarked one of the RPers about the personal picture she had sent to them which leads my permanent ban by them knowing it w…

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  • Bubby324

    Luck Chloe Rules!

    April 27, 2015 by Bubby324

    Don't you all think-Lucky Chloe is cool? I mean, she's good, she's a heroine, and really awesome! The Tekken Wiki's heroine Lucky Chloe RULES!!

    Lucky Chloe ("Lucky Chloe says HI") is really great. A defenser, a good nature and is: LUCKY CHLOE!!!

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  • Grand Duchess Anastasia

    Here's my list, of who I think is a counterpart to who.

    1. Tekken's Yoshimitsu and SoulCalibur's Yoshimitsu is pretty obvious.

    2. Lilli/Nina/Anna/Steve and Ivy.

    3. Julia and Xianghua/Leixia.

    Now for a family tree, using Julia Chang             





    Many Generations 



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  • BlazeSeed366

    Like I said this story of mine is fanon so it will moved into the If you like to read this fic, this is the link.

    In Strangest Things: The Last Revelation, its a direct sequel to the unofficial fic, Strangest Things 3: The Final Vengeance. The main character of the story will be Rhima's father, Jun "Hunyo" Panganiban who becomes strangely involved in the Tekken 7 game's storyline and searching the mysterious Japanese woman in his dream who turns out to be Kazumi Mishima, the final boss of the game. The first part of the fic takes place from the beginning of beta testing of the Tekken 7 arcades until the release of the actual game where the actual s…

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  • Nikgutendorf

    Tekken and Metal Gear are one of the best titles for all Playstation consoles. I had played Tekken trilogy and Metal Gear Solid on my ePSXe emulator and that was amazing. I decided to pitch Big Boss as Tekken 7 guest fighter. Back in 1998 Gon was playable in Tekken 3, despite not being character from this universe. Heihachi Mishima and Raiden appeared together in Playstation-All Stars Battle Royale. Big Boss' alternate costumes would be like his camouflages from MGS3: Snake Eater, Peace Walker and MGSV dilogy. His battle style would be CQC (Close Quarter Combat) that Big Boss used during fighting with enemy guards. Big Boss' son, Solid Snake had appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but he didn't return in Bandai Namco developed sequel.

    If you wa…

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  • Grand Duchess Anastasia

    More Mods.

    February 5, 2015 by Grand Duchess Anastasia

    Anybody  up to becoming a new one? I am picking one person. Before doing so, I will check the wikia's you work at, to see if you have been banned or did something bad.. If so, you won't be a mod..

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  • BlazeSeed366

    I ever seen Katarina Alves is a newbie in Tekken 7 and is the first female character to use Savate. But in the Street Fighter series, Remy is also the first male character to use this fighting style since his appearance in Street Fighter: 3rd Strike.

    What's the differences between both characters in the two respective games? Simple, both characters have similar stance and their special attacks are more focused on kicks.

    1. Remy's special attacks are focused on kicks while Katarina's special attacks are also kicks but one of her combos are more focus on punches but hitting with a knee as a last blow.

    2. Katarina's personality as mentioned as a sassy mouthed and a vocal talker but being rude as shown in her pre-quotes and her win animations whi…

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  • Seddielover12

    Hello, my fellow Tekken community. To my delight, I have seen an increase in pages regarding individual moves along with a surge of many informative gifs illustrating each respective move. This in part is one of the reasons I've decided to introduce a newer, more cooperative template specifically for moves. I hope it will catch on and further information can be provided for many pages that are currently article stubs.

    Special thanks to Ianmembrebe.officialaccount.vongolaprimo creating new pages & adding gifs. I appreciate it.

    • Spam Bomb

    So tell me what you guys think. Good idea or no?

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  • Coco 17

    Do you guys remember playing tekken 3 in ps1?  good old days. I remember  i play kuma and then fight ling xiaoyu.  when i use bear bite move on her. Hes not even bite on her neck. But he bite on her breast. I dont know is a bug but in recent tekken games it change to neck..

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  • Sebastien2309

    New Times

    October 27, 2014 by Sebastien2309

    Hello i made a wiki called mythical lords wiki you are welcome to join my wiki Here's the link: [[

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  • Sebastien2309

    Can you tell what is the template in the wiki.Thanks.

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  • HannaKim


    October 26, 2014 by HannaKim

    this wikia is awesome

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  • Zangief the Red Cyclone


    October 25, 2014 by Zangief the Red Cyclone

    You need a workout, comrade! You can´t even see your toes, can you? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! What are your opinion on "Bob"?

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  • KaptainBr!liant


    October 20, 2014 by KaptainBr!liant

    Hi, i am new here

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  • Sebastien2309


    October 8, 2014 by Sebastien2309

    can we write fanfiction in our message wall? EXAMPLE:this is the fanon that i wrote in tekken fanon wiki

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  • Sebastien2309


    October 7, 2014 by Sebastien2309

    How do i do the punisher move in fight lab? Note:Only in ps3!

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  • JL the superhuman

    Jacob Kazama

    September 27, 2014 by JL the superhuman

    Jacob Kazama is the son of Jin Kazama and Kara. He has the same fighting style as his own father and proved to be a feared fighter among his grandfather Kazuya.

    Jacob is a 19 year old boy who sets out in the Iron Fist Tournament.

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  • BlazeSeed366

    Since the first live-action of Tekken 2009 movie's release. The prequel of this live action movie is already showing in my place in the Philippines. The second live action of this 2014 was called Tekken: Kazuya's Revenge. In my place in the Philippines it was called from their promotional poster called Tekken 2: Origins.

    The younger Kazuya is portrayed by Ian Anthony Dale who previously portrays the older Kazuya in the 2009 movie. Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa finally reprises his role as the old bastard Heihachi and Gary Daniels who portrays Bryan during the 2009 movie. There are new characters appear but it's not related in the game are Natasha, Chloe, Aura, Ezra and Thorn. Other casts in the movie are just minors.

    You can comment this since the fi…

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  • BlazeSeed366

    Since Lars is now playable in the seventh game, Jun is also confirmed in this game too according to the blogs in different websites that I research about Tekken 7. Since it finally shows the full trailer and Kazumi Mishima is now added to the cast. I do not know what's Jun's role in this game since her latest appearance in the spin off game, Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

    One more thing, I have comments about the full trailer of Tekken 7.

    During that trailer, I heard both Kazuya and Kazumi are speaking in English instead of their native language. But I do not know who voices Kazuya in that trailer and his voice is similar to his Tekken: Blood Vengeance instead of his Street Fighter X Tekken's voice. But for some reason. I saw the plot in Tekken 7 …

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  • TheBlueRogue

    Few games embody the spirit of competition better than fighters; you and your opponent sit down, pick a character, and duke it out to see who's best. And in the process of beating up your friends, it's hard not to have a few favorite characters. Which is your favorite? Ryu from Street Fighter? Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat? Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury?

    We've assembled a massive lineup of the 64 strongest, fastest, most popular fighting game characters ever, to duke it out and see which warrior will emerge the Ultimate Fighting Game Champion!

    There will be rounds of voting until just one fighter is left standing, so be sure to visit Wikia's Games Hub every week and vote in the new rounds! Share this contest on social media to help get more vote…

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  • Alelm

    French Tekken Wiki

    May 19, 2014 by Alelm

    Hey guys ! We have created a new French Tekken Wiki. If it can interest some fans, you are welcome ! This is the beginning but it progresses rather well.

    Hoping to see you soon in Wiki Tekkenpedia !

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  • Arringtastic1

    Well, I guess Roger and Alex are from Australia because they are animals.

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  • BlitzGundam

    What kind of hairstyle does Alisa have - a bob cut or what? Also, have any of you noticed how her outfit switches the way it is worn between pictures? - BlitzGundam (talk) 14:59, March 9, 2014 (UTC)

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  • DaftPunkGuy

    In TTT2, during Fight Lab you have to face Tekken Force soldiers (the ones with the lions on their chests, from Tekken 6). I was just wondering if their was any way to customize a character to look like a Tekken force soldier (full body armor and helmet) or possibly a way to unlock a soldier?

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  • Ivy Ivy Ivy

    Hi, Guys

    December 28, 2013 by Ivy Ivy Ivy

    Yo, Tekken fans out here, I'm Ivy Ivy Ivy, a huge Tekken fan.

    I probably won't be doing an editting around here since I just don't know what to add. I will just stick around and do stuff.

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  • Qalbinsalim25

    Tekken 7 Wishlist

    December 17, 2013 by Qalbinsalim25

    Some stuffs that i want to see in Tekken 7

    1. Add Devil Jin's humanoid form for his default 1p outfit (if he is playable)
    2. Bring back Jin's Tekken 4 Hoodie
    3. Bring back Jin's Tekken 4 Karate uniform for his default 1p outfit (if he is playable)
    4. Bring back Kazuya's Tekken 6 Extra outfit
    5. Bring Back the old juggling system (with bounds)
    6. Add Jin's Spinning High Kick (f+3) to his command list (If he is playable)
    7. Keep Kazuya's f,f,+2 (TTT2 version) in the command list
    8. Keep Kazuya's Devil transformation in the command list
    9. Remove the premium effects thing
    10. Remove the scenario campaign thing
    11. Enhance the graphics (obviously)
    12. Please make more techno battle sountracks (Cause I love to hear it while playing Tekken!)
    13. Add the Omen Stance into Jin's command list (if he is p…
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  • Tonverg11


    December 14, 2013 by Tonverg11

    Hey guys!

    I am a new user. I'll try to be active...

    Anyway, I have an idea, andI'll make him right now if I'll can.

    I'm thinking to do sprites of stances for some characters.

    Trust me- It's COOL!!!

    Well, I'll start on going.


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  • BlazeSeed366

    Okay, ever since playing from Tekken 2 up to Tekken 6... there's only one character which is I mostly used in the game itself. Everyone thinks I like this character or had a crush on that character. In truth I don't have a crush on that character. In fact I had a crush since college who always play as Devil Jin and I keep admiring that person just to play for this guy that I used in the game.

    I keep on dressing him with casual fitted outfits, always wearing jackets. His black button shirt and pants in Tekken: Blood Vengeance he's really good on that outfit except that he let his clothes shredded when transforming into a Devil. In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, I keep on imagine this guy is wearing business suit just reminds me of two actors in my…

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  • Heavyweaponsguy

    I don't really see a rivalry in them. I really don't think Jin even cares about this 'rivalry'. I just think Hwoarang is just too cocky and sees Jin as a threat. Not hating on Hwoarang (he's my favorite next to King and Armor King) but really? Do you see it?

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  • BlazeSeed366

    Guys... There's a lot of trivia to some characters who were protected from troll editting.

    For Jin here, I have to add his trivia and his personality setting to include his crossover counterpart in Street Fighter X Tekken.

    • In Street Fighter X Tekken, Jin's behavior is a stark contrast to his normal game counterpart where he becomes hostile and rebellious towards other characters as well as his partner Xiaoyu after winning the fight.

    • In trivia, as angered to many fans in the game Street Fighter X Tekken, Jin's behavior and personality resembles Sasuke's.
    • Jin is also compared to the real life professional wrestler Triple H who became the Chief Operating Officer in World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. Both men are seen in corporal suits and became …

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  • BlazeSeed366

    I remember when I saw the pictures of their customization is pretty similar. However for the guys' swimsuit DLC? Why only Lee, Bob, Wang and Ganryu are only wear modern ones? Why the rest are in Fundoshis?

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  • Heavyweaponsguy

    I mean, with 41 fighters, some of them have to be fan made, or at least partially. I mean there are people who send fan ideas to Namco-Bandai (I am one of them) but it hit me on how many were at least partially made by outside help? And do they even look at fan ideas, or do they scrap them like Marvel Comics as soon as they hit their doorstep? I mean come one, 41 fighters...that's saying something.

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  • Seddielover12

    Hey, so I was checking out the game modes in TTT2 and I noticed there were two pages of the same mode: one by the name of Fight Lab and the other as "Fight Lab Mode". I realized it was completely pointless to have two different articles about the same concept. Plus, most of the sections on the Fight Lab Mode page were copied from the original Fight Lab article. However, both pages have valuable information that would be best intertwined into one single convenient article that addresses both aspects as explained. I like the overall format of the former page but the original goes more into detail but does require section format. I didn't want to delete anything yet without letting the fellow editors know of a concern I would like opinions on a…

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  • Aoikis

    New name

    September 16, 2013 by Aoikis

    This is not reeeeeally important, but I just wanted to tell that my username has been changed from Redside12 to Aoikis so anyone wont ask where the hell I came from =p.

    (That is, if you go to the userpage "Redside12" it'll redirect to my current name (uvu)b)

    (Also, during the process I was unable to edit. orz)

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  • Toilethead101


    September 8, 2013 by Toilethead101

    What are the general thoughts you guys have about Tekkenpedia. As an admin there, I know that there aren't as much editors, so we aren't as updated as Tekken wiki, but Tekkenpedia doesn't run into as much kids, spammers, and others as such. I do notice many times of copy pasted information straight from Tekkenpedia. User:Toilethead101 September 8 2013 (PHT)

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  • PokeFan10025

    Lately after playing Tekken Tag Tournament 2, I wonder... Will Capcom make Tekken Tag Tournament 3/Tekken 7?. I think they probably are, just to keep the Tekken Fanbase going... Or maybe they cancel releasing it on XBOX360, Playstation etc and start adding it Nintendo only?. Who knows?.

    What do you guys think?

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  • Egodavis2

    This sucks! one day I'm post a comment on how Miharu Hirano & Asuka Kazama kinda look alike, then the next day commenting on pages have been removed! We need to bring commenting back!

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  • Username0820

    Just a speculation

    August 19, 2013 by Username0820

    When visiting random pages on this wiki i sometimes come across pages that are just names of some of the characters' moves. Do we really need pages like that? they're kind of a waste. why not just edit the characters pages and add a move list?

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  • Devilkazama

    Now we're talkin...

    August 9, 2013 by Devilkazama

    got all characters again until next update

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