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Blonde Bomb
Tekken 6 -harbor stage

Nina doing her version of the Blonde Bomb in TK6.

Anna versus Nina - Player Two Outfits - T6 BR

Anna doing her version of the Blonde Bomb in TK6.

Command f,f+1+2 (TK1)
f+1+2 or WS+1+2
Stance -
Damage 26 (Nina TK6)
28 (Anna TTT2)
32 (Nina TTT2)
Hit Range m
Properties KND
Move Frames Hit Advantage
19 (TTT2) KND
Block Advantage CH Advantage
-17 KND

Blonde Bomb, called Twin Palm Smash (双掌破/Sou Shou Ha) in Japan, is a move that both Nina and Anna Williams share, and one of their signature moves. It can be done by pressing f+1+2. In the original Tekken game, the input was instead f,f+1+2.

Damage and Technique

Nina and Anna deal the same amount of damage with blonde bomb, but the animation for the hit is different: Nina will push forward with both of her hands, while Anna will join her hands together and move them toward her opponent while placing them over her head, almost as if she was diving into the water.


  • This move's English name doesn't change between the two sisters (such as Nina's unblockable Power Charge that is called Hunting Swan in Anna's move list), even though it doesn't actually fit Anna, who is a brunette. In addition, Anna was initially planned as Nina's twin, rather than younger sister during the development of the first game. The translation for the Japanese name of their move made a coincidence to the sisters itself.

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