The Body Press is a mid range attack that doubles as a throw at close range and has been present in the Tekken games ever since the first game. It is exclusive to the series of Jack robots (the Japanese name of the move for them being Hell Press--ヘルプレス/Heru Puresu), Kuma I, and also Ganryu, the latter only having this move in the arcade version of Tekken 1. Kuma II and Panda cannot perform this move.


Jack will attempt to crush the opponent by simply falling on them. If he succeeds, he will use his backup motor to raise himself from the ground by his arms. In Tekken 1, Jack and P.Jack will always get up this way, even if they did not land on the opponent; during this time you are unable to block at all. This makes it a very risky move to perform on this game, as even if it hits the opponent without crushing them, they will recover much faster than you. The recovery rate of the move in this game is still faster than the Sliding Attack however, because Jack only moves back by one step if he didn't crush the opponent, whereas a Sliding Attack requires Jack to move back by two steps.

This move is unique in the fact that it is a normal mid-hitting move, unless the move is performed front-on at close range. This move can also hit opponents on the ground. If the move doesn't act as a throw, you will be left in the "play dead" position in Tekken 2 and later games. If the move hits a standing opponent from far away side on or from behind, they will be forced into a crouch. The move forces a guard break if blocked.

In Tekken 2, a follow-up to this move was made, exclusive to Jack-2, however it only works if the player completely flattens the opponent. This move is also usable by Jack-2's successors, Gun Jack, Jack-5 and Jack-6.


  • The only game in the series which did not have this move was Tekken 4, due to not having any playable Jack robots.

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