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Known for many as both an awesome and frightening move, Broken Toy sends an opponent in a disadvantage position.

Broken Toy is Heihachi Mishima's signature throw and is known as one of the widely-used moves used by him. The command input was qcf+1 until Tekken Tag Tournament 2 where it was now revamped into qcf+1+3, the throw itself can be broken by pressing 1. 

During the animation, Heihachi will slightly arch and then grabs the opponent by neck, and with a powerful left-handed throw, send the opponent at the farthest side of the arena.

When to use

The throw can be a guaranteed success if one is good as utilizing crouch-dashes, which can confuse the opponent and force him/her to either do a random-duck or guard. Should the throw be sucessful, Heihachi can run from the other side of the arena and follow-up with either a power-crash or a kick.

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