Burning Fist

Burning Fist in TTT.

Command b,b+1+2
Stance -
Damage 67
90 (TK6)
Hit Range (!)
Properties none
Move Frames Hit Advantage
63(64~) KND
Block Advantage CH Advantage
Burning Fist, called 10.000 Divine Fists of the Dragon King (万聖竜王拳 mansenryuuouken) in the Japanese version, is an unblockable move usable by Paul Phoenix since Tekken 2. In execution and power, it is similar to Marshall and Forest Law's unblockable, Charge Power Punch. However, unlike Charge Power Punch, Burning Fist cannot be cancelled once initiated. Also, despite being an unblockable, the move can be reversed as well as punch parried. If this move hits a standing opponent, they will be sent rolling across the screen, much like a counter-hit Phoenix Smasher.