Carnival is Ling Xiaoyu's stage in Tekken 3, set in Namco's park Wonder Eggs 2. It is a festively lit stage with a giant carousel (presumed to be Pirarisu's Carousel) behind in the background with two wide flights of stairs leading up to it. It takes place at night, as the sky is seen to be a deep shade of dark blue, with the buildings in it being illuminated by artificial lighting such as lamps to make up for their lack of visibility in the dark.

Background Music

Tekken - Ling Xiaoyu05:24

Tekken - Ling Xiaoyu



  • The stage layout is ultimately reimagined in Tekken Tag Tournament as simply "Xiaoyu".
  • In the arcade version of the game, the horses to the merry-go-round will move and the buildings will have gates leading to more places. This does not occur in the Playstation version due to Arcade's processing power being stronger than the Playstation's, leading to the system using 2D backgrounds.

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