Cemetery Tekken 6

Cemetery is a stage in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion and the console version of Tekken 6. Characters fight in a dark cemetery during a heavy rain storm at night. This stage also features a burning tree outside of the cemetery. If one of the characters is slammed into the ground in the middle of the stage, then they will fall through and be sent to the lower section of the stage, which is a flooded sewer with many gates and a few barrels. At one angle, a zombie-like creature (or a grave digger) holding a shovel and walking very slowly can be observed.

Background Music

Tekken 6 Soundtrack Cemetery03:13

Tekken 6 Soundtrack Cemetery


  • This is one of the few multi-tier stages in Tekken 6 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion.
  • Words next to the gate door say, "einfahrt freihalten". It is written in German and roughly translates to "Keep the gateway free". Three different zombies faces can be seen as well.
    • If any of the fighters are near the walking creatures, they won't notice they are near them.
  • The BGM is also used in Sergei Dragunov's and Devil Jin's Tekken 6 trailers.
  • If the player breaks one of three graves located between the gate and river, they will be sent down to the barrels underground. And if the player moves backwards, they'll move out from the fences. This feature was a glitch.
  • If the player hits one of the bricked pillars in the lower area, a skull of a dead person will pop out of the cracked pillar.

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