Anna Chaos Judgement

Anna in her Chaos Judgement stance while fighting Feng Wei.

Chaos Judgement (カオスジャッジメント Kaosu Jajjimento?) is a move introduced in Tekken 3 as part of Anna Williams' moveset. The move serves as an attack stance, and will cause Anna to raise her left knee and put down her left hand. This move can counter throws and low attacks.

Tekken 3

Anna was given several new moves to differentiate her from her sister Nina, one of these being Chaos Judgement, an attack stance in which Anna will raise her right knee. The stance is of a defensive nature, allowing Anna to put a bit more space between herself and her opponent. The only attack available to Anna while in this stance is the Picking Heel, an attack that sees Anna thrust forward her right leg to strike the opponent. Despite the limited nature of this move, the speed and range of the kick coupled with the stances defensive nature make it useful for forcing back more aggressive opponents and creating openings for follow-up attacks.

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