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Chopping Elbow (チョッピングエルボー Choppingu Erubō) was introduced in Tekken Tag Tournament for Bryan Fury's moveset. When "Gatling Gun" was introduced in Tekken 4, Chopping Elbow's (T4) command changed to b,b+1. In Tekken 5 onwards, Chopping Elbow can once again be performed with b+1 (because the beginning of Gatling Gun's command was changed to b+1~2).

Command: b,b+1 (T4), b+1 (TTT,T5)

Hit Range: m

Damage: 22 (TTT,T4), 21 (T5)

When to use

Chopping Elbow might be a bit slow, but it's Bounce Juggle property and slight guard break can be worth the risk. This move leaves the user vulnerable to sidesteps, so it must be used with discretion.

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