Christie was introduced in Tekken 4 as the new female character and was designed as the new "sex-appeal" character. For this reason she always had very little clothes leaving much uncovered skin and emphasizing her large breasts. Being Brazilian, she has long brown hair and very dark skin. In her Player 1 outfit, she always wore capoeira pants and fought barefoot.

Tekken 4

In her debut appearance, Christie's hair was loose and gains two of her default outfits.

  • Player 1 outfit: She wears a sparkling periwinkle colored Capoeira pants with a little butterfly ornament on the front with a purple rope around her waist with some pearls attached to it. She also wears a purple and violet polka-dotted bikini top. With green gloves and some ornaments with red feathers on her arms. This outfit is seen in her ending where she hugs Eddy at the Arena stage.
  • Player 2 outfit: She wears a green shirt knotted on the front with a green butterfly pin, black cheeky shorts cut with strips with a white belt, blue gloves and a pair of black warrior flats. This outfit is also shown in the console opening.

Tekken 5/Dark Resurrection

In Tekken 5, Christie finally tied her long brown hair into a high ponytail and her previous outfits were modified and is the only character having an extra character as a unlockable outfit which both Player 3 and 4 outfits would be selecting Eddy.

  • Player 1 outfit: She wears a scaly silver version of her capoeira pants with butterflies designed on both sides. Instead of a bikini top, she wears a warm white bra top consisting of two straps going from a necklace with a jewel to a butterfly-shaped pin on the back of her pants that expose the area underneath her breasts. Finally, she wears new black and pink fingerless gloves and the same armbands that she wore in Tekken 4, but this time the red feathers are on the gloves instead of the armbands. In Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, the color of her outfit is now black and pink.
  • Player 2 outfit: She wears the same outfit as in Tekken 4, as her v-neck shirt is now in a different shades of pink, her black shorts is replaced with a white bikini-like short shorts with straps that shows off her hips and her fingerless gloves are now purple and her warrior flats are now brown. This outfit is later seen along with Eddy's in their share endings. In Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, the white part of her shirt changes to red with matching gloves, her short shorts are now black and her warrior flats are now red.

Tekken 6/Bloodline Rebellion

Player 1 outfit:

She keeps her Player 1 outfit from Tekken 5 but her bra top is now yellow with the butterfly-shaped pin now on her upper back. Her gloves are now purple instead of black.

In the Scenario Campaign mode where she is the boss at the Seahorse Grand Hotel stage, she gains purple samba feathers on her back which is her item move.

Player 2 outfit:

(See Tekken 5 Player 2 outfit)

  • Some of her customizations consists of bikinis, tank tops cover in a mesh undershirts, and shorts.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Player 1 outfit:

(See Tekken 5 Player 1 outfit)

Swap Costume:

Her swap costume is based on Juli which is T. Hawk's fiancee, Julia. Her long brown hair is tied in a bun with a navy blue military cap. Her outfit is a mixture between her primary outfit and Juli's Shadaloo uniform. She wears a skintight navy blue revealing thong leotard which it shows her cleavage, a blue tie on the front, navy blue revealing tights with butterflies designed in each sides to show her hips with black cross belts and gun holster on her waist and dark pink knee-high boots. She maintains her green armbands from her primary outfit and wears a navy blue gauntlets with pink linings.

Alternate Costume:

Her alternate costume is based on her customizations in Tekken 6 which is her Brazillian party attire. She wears a blue bra top with green feathers attached in front of her bra with a gray scarf on her neck, a matching bikini with green and blue jewellery ornaments on her waist, and a different pair of boots with the right has long blue ornaments and the left on was short with white feathered folden sleeves with rainbow feather ornaments. Her hair clip is now with blue feathers.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Player 1 outfit:

(See Tekken 5 Player 1 outfit)

Player 2 outfit:

(See Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection outfit)

  • She gains more customizations as her previous one in Tekken 6 and also to change her pony tails from high to mid. Her outfits consists of low cut dress, superhero costume, halter neck and pumps, army uniform, jackets, formal shirts, vests in undershirts, tube tops, skirts, mini skirts, pants, slacks, denim shorts, capris, sandals, boots and pumps and a modified warrior flats.
  • Her Swimsuit DLC has her wearing a shades of red, yellow and green strapless bikini with a red rose at the center of her bikini top and white sandals with a red ribbon and laces.

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