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Claudio Serafino (クラウディオ・セラフィーノ Kuraudio Serafīno?) is a character in the Tekken series who is introduced in the upcoming Tekken 7 as one of the new characters.


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Claudio has almost slate blue asymmetrical eyes, black hair and pale skin. His hairstyle seems to somewhat resemble that of Steve Fox, albeit in black and having a different hairline. On top, he is wearing a collared, white frock coat adorn with gold lining and embroidering, including black patterning on the upper and lower collar as well as the left cuff of his sleeve. There is also a yellow rope hanging from the left shoulder and attaching an object that looks like that of an old, bronze key in place beside the lower collar.

Underneath, he is wearing a suit that consists of a light gray button down formal vest over a torn black undershirt with a silver chain necklace and his dark gray tie undone. He is wearing white, pleated trousers with a white belt that has a silver ram's head buckle. He seems to be wearing gray and white loafers featuring the same ram head as well as short white gloves. He bears a massive tattoo on his right arm which is partially visible through the black bandages (which are secured by a single chain and lock). A similar tattoo can be seen under his left eye as well.


Claudio's customizations consists of fringe shirts, denim pants, jersey jackets, short sleeve loose shirts and sneakers. He can also wears military caps, knight helmets, framed glasses and sunglasses.

The main example of his customization has him wearing a red and pale yellow jersey jacket with a red linings in each sleeves from his jersey and a white loose undershirt, blue denim pants and gray sneakers. He is not seen wearing the black bandages in his right arm while wearing this outfit.


Not much is known of his personality at the moment but from what can be gathered, Claudio is somewhat sarcastic and cocky as his intro quotes suggest him calling his opponents as either amateurs or an easy win all while flicking his hair. One of his victory poses may suggest that he is friendly as he lends a hand to his opponents (after they lose against him) in a manner similar to Alisa. However, he is also shown to clap slow sarcastically.


Tekken 7

It is said that he will be an important part of the story as he bears the power of standing against the devil.[3]

The Archers of Sirius are a group of exorcists who have been banishing supernatural entities from this world since ancient times. A highly secretive organization, its existence is unknown to the public. Although it is not known how their existence was revealed, the Archers of Sirius were suddenly approached by the Mishima Zaibatsu. They were heavy-handedly requested by the Mishima Zaibatsu to join their conglomerate, but naturally refused. This did not stop the persistent pressure from Mishima Zaibatsu, however.

Eventually, the news of this approach from the Mishima Zaibatsu reached the de facto leader of the Archers of Sirius, Claudio Serafino. Determined to uncover the motives behind the Mishima Zaibatsu’s actions, Claudio begins to investigate the powerful conglomerate.

In the Rage and Sorrow trailer for the console release in June 2, 2017, Claudio is seen fighting against Heihachi at the Archers of Sirius but is eventually incapacitated by Heihachi during the battle.


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Fighting Style

Claudio utilizes a discipline called Sirius-Style Purification Sorcery (シリウス流祓魔術 Shiriusu-ryū Harai Majutsu?) which conjures the holy power of Sirius within him to overwhelm his enemies in battle.


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  • The surname "Serafino" is the Italian word for "Seraph", a celestial being in Judaism and Christianity.
  • Claudio is the first Italian fighter introduced in the series.
  • The character debut trailer which introduced both him and Katarina gave him the title of "Nova Exorcist" (新星のエクソシスト Shinsei no Ekusoshisuto?).</i>
  • It is currently speculated that Claudio is possibly connected or linked to the Mishima Family as the way his purification sorcery works similar to the Devil Gene.
    • It is also speculated that he could be connected to the Kazama Clan, due to having a similar power on nullifying the Devil Gene.
  • Claudio's white-clad appearance and the light arrow projectile that he fires during his Rage Art are both reminiscent of Quincy, a type of character from the manga and anime series Bleach.
  • Claudio's characterization in which he is an Italian fighter that utilizes magic; wears a striking outfit which is moreover for style than for combat and his storyline in which he is pitted against the demonic force of the series (in his case, the Devil Gene) are all reminiscent of fellow Italian fighter Rose from the Street Fighter series.
  • Seven of Claudio's moves [9] are named after the Seven Deadly Sins in Latin. Namely: Superbia (スペルビア Superubia, Pride), Ira (イラ Ira, Wrath), Luxuria (ルクスリア Rakusuria, Lust), Gula (グラ Gura, Gluttony), Avaritia (アワリティア Awaritia, Avarice), Invidia (インヴィディア Invidia, Envy) and Accedia (アケディア Akedia, Sloth).
    • On the other hand, majority of Claudio's moves are named in reference to astrological terms such as Roche Limit (ロッシュリミット Rosshu Rimitto) and Lagrange Needle (ラグランジュニードル Raguranjyu Nīdoru),


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