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Stage Layout (notice the picture of Pac-Man on the little girl's shirt)

Coastline Sunset is a stage in the console version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 set in the Philippines, most likely by the Manila Bay, which is known for its sunset view. Surroundings include palm trees, crashed cars and jeepneys driving (a common mode of transportation in the Philippines) with billboards advertising Timezone and Quantum, as well as a crowd overlooking the fight (most likely located along Manila Bay at sundown). Little children are sitting on top of the tricycles (another form of transportation in the Philippines, defined as a motorcycle with an attached side car) as well.

Background Music

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Console OST - stained orange (Coastline Sunset)05:45

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Console OST - stained orange (Coastline Sunset)



  • The stage BGM is called "Stained Orange".
  • One of the jeeps is from Mishima Polytechnical School.
  • Some of the tricycles that can be seen have plate numbers in Thai writing. The said vehicles also resemble Tuk-tuks more than the Philippine tricycle.
  • The little girl, seen in some parts of the stage, has a picture of Pac-Man on her shirt.
  • Coastline Sunset is first stage set in Philippines, second being Jungle Outpost From Tekken 7.

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