Combot Tuning is a move editing system, added in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, that is specifically made for Combot. In this mode, it is possible to edit Combot's moves to that of certain characters in the game.


Moveset Restrictions

However, this mode doesn't allow access to every characters' fighting movesets. It also prevents the application of multiple moves that use similar command strings in order for them to be initiated. The game helps this by displaying an error message when the user tries to equip another move which has the same exact command string as another.

Move Division

The Combot Tuning mode splits moves via Development Techniques (moves that can be performed using a certain command) and Limited Techniques (special moves used by certain characters). The percentages helps to specify to the user how many moves they have unlocked. By getting higher ranks in each stage, it is possible to unlock more moves.

Notable Physical Appearance

There are cases where certain characters moves will give Combot a slightly altered physical appearance. An instance of this is the move styles of the character known as True Ogre. Combot will receive either a tail or wings depending on what move the user equips Combot with such as True Ogre's Condor Claw move (which gives Combot wings).

Assigning Destinated Move Slots

By using Combot Memory, it is possible to assign different moves to Combot, which are then saved under different data types 1-4.

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