Demon's Paw, called Body Pull (胴抜き dōnuki) in Japan, is a move introduced to Jin Kazama in Tekken 3 and Devil Jin in Tekken 5 and appeared in other Tekken games. In Tekken (Mobile) it was also used by Tiger Miyagi.


This move is very similar to Corpse Thrust, in the fact that it has also been retained by Jin while using Traditional Karate even though he has discarded his original fighting style (Mishima-Style Fighting Karate and Kazama Style Self Defense). This move can be used to do another move or Unblockable after it. It can also be used to do a Supercharger or any other charging move in your movelist and it can create a tactically useful distance between Jin and the enemy.

In Tekken 6 onward, Jin would grunt during the execution of the move.

In Street Fighter X Tekken, the gesture of Jin's Right Roundhouse Punch appear as a powerful version of his Demon's Paw.

In Tekken (Mobile) both Jin and Tiger Miyagi utilize the move serving as one of their Strike Waza Cards. The only difference despite both shared this move is their damage. Jin can deal 212 damage while Tiger deals 264 damage. Therefore, Jin's Demon Paw became much stronger than Tiger's when he was in his 4-Star appearance which is 647 damage.