Demon's Wings-a guaranteed crushing move.

The Demon's Wings is a move used by Heihachi Mishima since his appearance in Tekken 2. Its command input is d/f+1+2. During the animation, Heihachi will spin to the left, and as he cam close to the opponent, will launch an open-armed strike that resembles a demon opening its wings.

When to use

Aside from being a crushing tool, nothing much can be of use for this move. However, in an amateur-level game, this move can be used to confuse the opponent who is not fully familiar with the basics of blocking and sidestepping.


  • The art of Goju-ryu and Shorin-ryu karate is evident in all of the move sets of Heihachi. These include Demon Breath, Demon's Wings, Muso Tettsui, etc.
  • A majority of the moves Heihachi uses has a "Demon" motif. This could be a hint to the evolution of the family's fighting style.

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