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The Demon Breath.

Demon Breath
, called Hard Palm Destruction (剛掌破 koushouha) in the Japanese version, is a move which originally made its debut in Tekken 3. It is part of Heihachi Mishima's move list, but wasn't carried down through Mishima Style Fighting Karate like most of Heihachi's moves were.


  • The move itself resembles a Hadouken (when performed by Ryu) from the Street Fighter series, but without the fireball (Ryu can actually perform a non-fireball version of this move in the Street Fighter Alpha games).
  • If the player hits the opponent with a counter hit or during a chain, the opponent will fall back a lot further.
  • Strangely, the official Namco move lists (as well as the in-game displays) state that the chain versions end with 1+2, when only the 1 is needed to be pressed.
  • The f+2 and 1,2,2 chain enders are called Demon Shout and Demon Executor respectively. When a Demon Breath is used as a chain ender, the previous move (a backfist) is cancelled. Unlike the former moves however, a Demon Breath finisher could not be performed after a 2,2 punch/backfist combo until Tekken 5.
  • In Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament, the standard 'hiyaah' sound can be changed by performing 2~1 or b+2~1 instead of simply 1+2. Using b+2~1 makes Heihachi yell 'grrrah' from his Demon's Boar move, whilst using 2~1 will occasionally make Heihachi say the usual sounds associated with a '2' right punch (if he was to make no sound, the regular 'hiyaah' is used instead).

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