The Demon God Fist. Notice the large stun duration inflicted upon the enemy.

The Demon God Fist A.K.A. Demon Gut Punch is a move possessed by Kazuya since his introduction on the original Tekken. The command input is WS 2.

When to use

As Kazuya excels in the punishing department, the Demon God Fist is an excellent weapon of choice against opponents who had unsuccessfully dished out their slow mid attacks. With the help of the crouch-dash mix-ups, it is difficult for the opponent to predict as to whether Kazuya will attack from above or below.

The Demon God Fist has a noticeable damage output and long stun duration properties, meaning Kazuya can gain access to a number of more damaging combos should the Demon God Fist connects.


  • The art of Shotokan Karate where striking techniques are trained to unleash unstoppable power is evident in all of Kazuya's move list. Examples of the moves used by him are Sokushitsu Goda, Double Back Fist, Agony Spear, Kumo Kiri, Demon's Wrath, and many more.
  • This move is performed by Kazuya in the Tekken 5 introductive CG video, ripping apart a Jack-4's body and sending him afar.