Demon Slayer

Kazuya performing the Demon Slayer.

Command 1,2<2 (TK3)
Stance -
Damage 6,10,18
Hit Range hhh
Properties -
Move Frames Hit Advantage
- -
Block Advantage CH Advantage
- -
The Demon Slayer, also called Demon-Wracking Fists (鬼哭連拳/Kikoku Renken) in Japan, is an attack used by the practitioners of Mishima Style Fighting Karate (from Tekken 1 and onwards) and Jin Kazama (Tekken 3 only).


The input for the attack is 1,2,2. During the animation, the character will perform a left-right punch, then followed up by a powerful high backfist. While the flash punches are a good punisher after countering a throw, the Demon Slayer provides slightly more damage and a solid frame advantage against an opponent.

When to use

The Demon Slayer move is sometimes used as a jab mix-up due to its slight frame advantage over the flash punches, meaning that the enemy recovers slightly slower when this move is used. Furthermore, this move can be used as a finisher due to its damage input being higher than most of the pokes of the Mishimas.


  • The practitioners of the Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts also has a move sharing the same name as the classic Mishima 1,2,2 combo, although it doesn't have the same command input and damage properties. Unintentional or not, this may hint a little about the mysteries surrounding both the families of the Kazamas and the Mishimas.