T7 Stage - Devil's Pit

Devil's Pit is a stage from Tekken 7. It is the stage where the final boss battle against Kazumi Mishima and her devil form takes place. Takes place in a volcanic region full of craggy rock formations and lava seeping out of the ground. Volcanic ash and smoke can be seen billowing out of the craters throughout the background.

The first part of the battle begins atop a rock clearing and is a walled area. Once one fighter reaches their match point, the ground gives way and drops the fighters down to the ground level of the area, where the battle continues in an endless stretch. More of the volcanic region can be observed in the infinite portion of the stage. This is the only stage in Tekken 7 that features two distinct stage layouts that automatically transition.

In the original Tekken 7 the stage is relatively clearly lit but for Fated Retribution, the lighting was changed to make it appear as though the volcanic activity in the area has smothered the lighting, giving the setting a yellowish-hue. Also the volcanoes along the background are more clearly visible with more detail in Fated Retribution (particularly after the stage change).

For the console version of Tekken 7, the stages Precipice of Fate and Brimstone & Fire have several aesthetic similarities to the walled portion of Devil's Pit (particularly the latter, with the volcanic activity). However, those stages lack the automatic stage transition of Devil's Pit.

Background Music

Tekken 7 OST - Devil's Pit

Tekken 7 OST - Devil's Pit

Stage BGM.


  • This is one of two stages in arcade mode to have a different music theme than normal as Kazumi has her own theme while fighting her here. The other stage that shares this trait is Abandoned Temple, where Akuma can be fought with his own theme replacing the default BGM as well.
  • The stage change is similar to some of the Soul Calibur V stages in that the transition automatically happens when one character is nearing victory, most like Utopia of the Blessed, except the stage change role is reversed (going from walled to infinite in the match point round).
    • This is also the very first stage in the series that completely changes type going from a walled stage to an infinite one during match point.
  • The stage transition is only possible during Arcade Mode against Devil Kazumi, during Online battles or during VS Battle. The transition does not work normally while playing in Treasure Battle (be it against a generic ghost or Devil Kazumi as a Special Battle) and the transition cannot be achieved during Practice Mode at all.
  • In The Mishima Saga, after Kazuya Mishima killed Heihachi Mishima and threw him into the lava, that took place in this stage and even when Kazuya notices Akuma survived the beam attack from their first fight.
  • Because of how similar Devil's Pit looks to Precipice of Fate , it could be considered likely that they are the same stage with Precipice of Fate being in the past when Heihachi threw Kazuya off a cliff and Devil's Pit being in the present day. This could also explain why Kazuya chose to throw Heihachi off this cliff into the lava below.