List of quotes for Devil Jin [1].

Intro and Win Quotes

Note: Namco's translation is not the literal translation.

Intro Win
Fear the Wrath of God! (pre-TTT2)/Fear my wrath! (恐怖を教えてやろう! kyōfu wo oshiete yarō) (TTT2/TK7) *Evil Laugh*
I'll take you on all at once. (まとめて来るがいい matomete kuru ga ii; TTT2) *Charges Electricity*
*Covers his face and assumes fighting stance* (TK7) *Telekinetically levitates defeated opponent in a chokehold*
*Powers up fist*
*Performs Hellfire Cannon (u/f+1+2)*
*Performs Samsara (u+4)*

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