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Devil Kazumi (デビル一美 Debiru Kazumi?) is a character in the Tekken series of 3D fighting games. She is the alter ego of Kazumi Mishima after being consumed by the effects of the Devil Gene and the final boss in Tekken 7.



Her overall design is similar to that of a white ghost and kitsune. She has red eyes, long white hair with hime cut bangs, off-white skin and she has red tattoos on her forehead, neck, wrists, legs, and feet. She also has neon blue bracelets on each side of her wrists with a matching ripped bead necklace on her neck and wears a neon blue and white spiked gem barefooted sandals as the gem is attached on her knee, wrists and ankles. However, when her Rage was activated, the color of the gems glow in bright red. The interior of her dress is red.

She wears a long white Japanese kimono dress which is tattered at the edge of her long sleeves and at the hem of her dress. She also has a white obi on her kimono dress which is tied in red ribbons to her waist and has a gray butterfly shaped design at the back of her white obi. She has red horns similar to Eliza's and her devil wings are similar to Devil Jin's but with a "flaming" appearance.


Tekken 7

Devil Kazumi makes her first appearance in the Rage and Sorrow trailer. It is revealed that the reason why Kazumi was killed by her own ex-husband, Heihachi is due to her own devil powers. Devil Kazumi is seen attacking Heihachi with a Devil's Beam, which he dodges.


In gameplay, Devil Kazumi seems to be able to summon a white tiger, which rolls over the opponent or even stands up and claws the back of the opponent. She also shares the devil gene's signature devil beam but unlike Devil Jin and Devil Kazuya, her beam activates in an instant. She can not only float forward with a bend of a knee but backwards as well, in a manner akin to Alpha-152 from the Dead or Alive series. She also retains her human form's fighting style and moves.

Fighting style

Her fighting style is Hachijou-Style Karate mixes with Mishima style Fighting Karate but with demonic abilities of her own.

Intro and Win Quotes

Intro Win
I'll grind your bones to dust! (奴だけに死て暮れる! yatsu dake ni shitekureru!)
Are you sure you're ready? (覚悟よろしいですか? Kakugo yoroshii desu ka?) Such a good kitty. (いい子ね iiko ne)

Note: the literal translation of the intro quote is - A sunset death, just for you.

Character Relationships



  • Devil Kazumi is the second supernatural female final boss in the series, the first being Unknown in Tekken Tag Tournament and its sequel (although, in Tekken 2, if the player plays as Devil, Angel is the final boss).
    • She is however the first female to become a final boss in a canonical Tekken game.
  • Interestingly enough, Devil Kazumi's wings resemble those of Night Terror from the Soul Calibur series and a phoenix.
  • Devil Kazumi's pet tiger seems to be able to change between her devil and human form. In her devil form, it is a white tiger while in her human form, it is a normal one.
  • During the second round after defeating her human form, Devil Kazumi's fighting stance resembles Devil Jin's fighting stance when facing his/her opponent as the final boss of the game.
  • Devil Kazumi can also speak when she summons her pet white tiger as part of her moves during a combo as well as executing her demonic abilities. The other one being her human form.
  • Unlike her human form, which executes her Rage Art with two grunts, Devil Kazumi will say "Die!" when she executes her Rage Art.
  • Devil Kazumi has a CG art replacing her human form's CG art in her final stage intro as her pet tiger's eyes are glowing in blue.
  • Devil Kazumi's reverberated voice is similar to the Abyssal Fleet Bosses in Kantai Collection.
  • Like Azazel, the crystal on her body, when taking too much damage until triggering her Rage, will turn red.


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