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Devil Kazuya has short black hair, spiked upwards, much like his normal form. His skin is naturally purple and the scar on his chest is red. He also gains demonic traits such as devil horns, tail, a red third eye and purple devil wings on his back.



Devil Kazuya in the original Tekken.

Kazuya's face was maintained on this appearance, while his body and skin are indigo with brown devil wings. He only wears black trunks with matching boots and gloves.

This form will be playable when you beat the Galaga mini-game.

Tekken 2

Devil - Tekken 2

Devil Kazuya in Tekken 2.

Devil Kazuya's appearance has been updated, as he now appears as a combination of both his human upper body and a beast-like lower body. His third eye resembles a red gem on his forehead, his eyes are red with black irises and his devil wings are now purple.

In Tekken: The Motion Picture, he was briefly seen in Kazuya's flashbacks, where his eyes are shown to be red but without the black irises.

Tekken Tag Tournament

Player 1 outfit:

(See Tekken 2 Player 1 outfit)

Player 2 outfit:

Devil Kazuya's skin is now purplish-pink instead of indigo and his scar is now yellow.

Tekken 4

Devil Kazuya appears in his human form's ending in Tekken 4, which is a counterpart to Jin's ending. His appearance is updated yet again, and he is never seen without his third eye due to Kazuya's control.

This updated appearance is later seen in Kazuya's prologue in Tekken 5.

In the 2nd Pachislot, his lower body is updated with dark purple metal tights, but retaining the beast-like parts of his feet. Like Devil Jin, Devil's arms are mostly demonic in appearance.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Devil Kazuya appears as Kazuya's form change, which is his human form with purple skin, while gaining horns and his signature purple devil wings. He also retains his human's form primary outfit from Tekken 5.

  • In Tekken Tag Tournament 2's prologue and the movie Tekken: Blood Vengeance, Devil Kazuya's appearance changes drastically from his previous appearances. His skin is now purplish-blue and the lower part of his body is green and coated with red spikes with bare demonic feet. His demonic arms now gain three spikes, similar to a gauntlet, and his devil tail is now longer with a sharp edge. His devil wings are also updated, which are now purple and blue, and his horns are red and pointing upwards, a contrast to Devil Jin's downward pointing horns. He also gains a large red-glowing third eye. Before he transforms into this appearance, Kazuya demonstrates his ability to transform by shedding his human skin as his primary outfit burns in a purple haze, revealing a full body of purplish-blue skin and gaining devil wings, horns and a large third eye. This appearance is also seen in both Angel and Kazuya's endings in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Tekken 7

Devil Kazuya returns as Kazuya's form change during the execution of his Rage Art or sacrificing Kazuya's rage via morphing. His appearance remains the same as in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, except that he wears his human form's new main outfit. This also happens in Story Mode during his confrontation against Akuma at the top of G Corporation Tower, Devil Kazuya remains the same but wearing his human form's Tekken: Blood Vengeance attire as well as in Shaheen's character ending where Kazuya jumps off through the G Corporation Tower to transform into a devil and flies away.

Devil kazuya TK7

Devil Kazuya during the final showdown against Heihachi and later Akuma in Story Mode

In the final showdown between him and Heihachi and his chaotic battle against Akuma at the Brimstone & Fire stage, Devil Kazuya's appearance is similar to his appearance in both Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and the movie Tekken: Blood Vengeance but in a darker shade of purple with spikes and orange hue. The red scar on his chest now glows in a glowing orange and also reveals a fourth eye embedded in it and his devil laser now changes from yellow to indigo. His devil wings also gain three more eyes in each sides and the color of his wings are red with purple outlines. Finally, his tail have a segment before it's tip with an embedded eye. His overall demonic appearance has a total of 11 eyes as he demonstrates this by unleashing a far more powerful Devil's Beam towards his father Heihachi and later Akuma within 8 eyes from his forehead, chest and his devil wings in the Story Mode to defeat them both as part of his Rage Art.

This transformation has Kazuya remain in his human form but with a third eye on his forehead. When he transforms into that state, Kazuya was fully covered in a powerful purple haze gaining devil wings with three eyes in each sides, and the red scar on his chest finally develops a fourth eye and his human skin became dark purple with spikes all over his body along with an orange hue.

This form that Kazuya currently undertakes is known as Devil Kazuya-X.