Double Face Kick

The latest rendition of the classic Mishima-style throw.

Command 1+3
f+2+4 (TK4)
Type Front
Damage 12,23
Escape 1
Properties none

Double Face Kick, called Whirling Kick (旋蹴り Tsumuji Geri) in Japan, is a throw which has been around since the first Tekken game, and is a signature throw of Mishima Style Fighting Karate practitioners; the input for those who have it is 1+3, and its escape input is 1. Up to Tekken 3, the move was called Double High Sweep. Starting with Tekken Tag Tournament, it was renamed to its current title.

Previous versions

In the arcade version of Tekken 1, Heihachi had this move, however for the PlayStation version, a Neck Breaker and a Jumping Powerbomb replaced his Kazuya-derived throws. In Tekken 4, Kazuya could perform this throw by pressing f+2+4.


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