Double Rocket Punch
800px-Lars versus Alisa - Item Move - T6 BR

Alisa performing her Double Rocket Punch on Lars in TK6.

Command b,b+1+2 (TK6)

b,b+1+4 (TK7)

Stance -
Damage 60 (TK6)
67 (TTT2)
Hit Range (!) [TK6]
h(!) [TTT2]
Properties KND
Move Frames Hit Advantage
- -
Block Advantage CH Advantage
- -

Double Rocket Punch is a move used Alisa Bosconovitch ever since her debut in Tekken 6. It is a move in which Alisa floats off the ground using her wings, dissembles both arms from their sockets and launches them (with both fists clenched) towards the opponent, punching them in the face. The move causes them to go flying when it connects, regardless of range. Afterwards, Alisa regenerates her arms.


  • Even though it is classified as an unblockable move, it can be avoided if the opponent either crotches or lays idle on the ground, thus giving the opponent a chance to counter attack.