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Jinpachi presents a different approach to performing the Dragon Uppercut.


The perfect example of Dragon Uppercut, as performed by Heihachi.

Dragon Uppercut, called Thunder God Fist (雷神拳 Raijinken) in the Japanese version, is a move introduced in the original Tekken game and can be performed by every practitioner of the Mishima Style Karate.


The command input is f,N,d,D/F+1 for Heihachi, Kazuya/Devil Kazuya, Jin/Devil Jin and Angel.

Another input is 1+2+3+4~1 for Jinpachi in Tekken 5 while in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, it is buffed into 3+4~1. The follow-up attacks are however character specific (see respective articles for details). Heihachi also has an electrified version and a delayed version of the Dragon Uppercut, which in some games took the regular Dragon Uppercut's place.

In the original Tekken and Tekken 2, Armor King also has this move. Roger/Alex and Roger Jr. have a very similar move called the Animal Uppercut.

When to use

The Dragon Uppercut is relatively slow, and the long crouch animation after the step-in is a sure-tell of what's to come, meaning that a standing opponent has plenty of time to see and block/evade it.

The step-in crouch is not without its advantages though. It is able to duck under all high attacks, and right before the punch itself, most mid attacks as well. This makes it a relatively good counter-attack when one anticipates the opponent to dish out a high-mid string, however, because of the often better alternatives which can also lead to juggles, the stand-alone Dragon Uppercut is rarely, if ever, used in high-level play.

Unique properties

In the cases of Heihachi, Devil/Angel, and Devil Jin, Dragon Uppercut will always knock the opponent off their feet, however, in the cases of Jin (pre-TK4) and Kazuya, this isn't so. In their cases, only clean hits will result in the opponent being knocked off their feet; regular hits, or even counter hits, do not, which is likely why they became able to perform follow-up kicks. However, not getting in a clean hit with Dragon Uppercut is surprisingly difficult.


  • The Dragon Uppercut is very similar to the move Shoryuken (昇竜拳 Shōryūken, lit. "Rising Dragon Fist") from the Street Fighter series. Due to fact, the command input itself a Dragon Punch (DP) motion, except unlike in Street Fighter, Tekken's DP motion has a just frame set up between forward and down input.
  • Jinpachi Mishima presents a different case when executing this move, as he needs to enter a stance before doing the uppercut. This is logical, however, granted that he cannot perform a crouch-dash move.

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