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Overhead view of Duomo di Sirio.

Duomo di Sirio ("Cathedral of Sirius" in Italian) is a stage in the home release versions of Tekken 7. A grand hall in European stylings that serves as the headquarters of Claudio Serafino's organization, the "Archers of Sirius". Ornate statues adorn the walls and the floor is a polished marble. The battle starts atop the upper deck and the barrier opposite the goddess statue can be broken to take the fight down the lower level.


Tekken 7- Bob vs Claudio, Duomo di Sirio03:21

Tekken 7- Bob vs Claudio, Duomo di Sirio

Bob vs. Claudio Serafino, "Duomo di Sirio"

Tekken 7 OST - Duomo Di Sirio Round 1 (Clean Version)05:11

Tekken 7 OST - Duomo Di Sirio Round 1 (Clean Version)

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