The Eisho Mon can also destroy the opponent's stance with its crushing properties.

The Eisho Mon is one of Heihachi Mishima's moves that made it's appearance in Tekken 5 and continues as the series progress. The command input for this move is d/b+2. During the animation, Heihachi will perform a clockwise-spinning move, lunge forward and attack the opponent's shin/knee with a powerful, crushing right back fist.

When to use

As one of the characters that has a few low-poking strings and moves in his arsenal, Eisho Mon is one of the most, if not the best, important tools in Heihachi's gameplay. This low-hitting move come with a multitious advantage:

  1. Eisho Mon has a solid frame advantage (14 frames, +5 on block) and can be spammed on opponents who do not check their guard.
  2. The move sets Heihachi in a crouching position, meaning that should the move was blocked, Heihachi can dish out some of his WS moves, enabling him to poke damage while remaining safe.
  3. Alongside his already listed moves, Heihachi can also apply this move in a 50-50 and crouch-dash mix-up games.

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