Shown in this GIF are the differences between Dragon Uppercut (right) and Omen Thunder God Fist.

The "Electric" Dragon Uppercut, or known to many fans as Omen Thunder God Fist, is the trademark launcher of Heihachi Mishima that had made its appearance in Tekken 4 and was re-buffed ever since until Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Its command input is f,N,d/f+1 but performed as a just-frame move. During the animation, Heihachi will perform a crouch-dash and jumps forward while performing the classic Dragon Uppercut, but being a just-frame version it has a striking visual difference.

Unique properties

The "Electric" Dragon Uppercut is more than just a flashy move. Here are its pros and advantages:

  1. The regular Dragon Uppercut runs at -16 frames while the "Electric" version runs at -14 frames. During the animation, Heihachi's left arm will be shrouded in blue sparks followed by an electric aura as it hits the opponent.
  2. On hit, the regular Dragon Uppercut deals 38 damage, while the "Electric" version deals bonus 2 damage on the opponent.
  3. Unlike the regular version, the "Electric" Dragon Uppercut can be performed in a continuous string and can be followed-up with a quick Iron Hand (qcf+2) thanks to having a shorter wind-up time.
  4. The move is safe on punishment and tracks some sidestepping moves (usually at the right).
  5. Starting from Tekken 7, it can now launch opponents to the air.


  • As with the many of his move sets, Jinpachi also has a unique way of performing the Dragon Uppercut. In this situation, he needs to enter a stance before he can perform the move.

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