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Electric Wind Godfist (abbreviated EWGF) called Fastest Wind God Fist (最速風神拳 Saisoku Fūjinken) in the Japanese version, is the unofficial name given to a move not specified within in-game command lists. However, the Japanese name became official. The move was first introduced in Tekken 3 and Jin Kazama was the only one able to perform it. Since Tekken 4, the move was available to all practitioners of Mishima Style Karate, as well as Mokujin/Tetsujin/Unknown/Combot when mimicing any of them.

Comparison to Rising Uppercut/Wind God Fist

EWGF is essentially the move Wind God Fist (f,N,d,d/f2), called Rising Uppercut in English-language versions until Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which is included in in-game command lists, but supplying a bonus for just-frame inputting. Listed below are some notable differences in properties of the two moves.

  1. When performing Electric Wind Godfist, electricity surrounds the torso and attacking arm. In the case of mimics, their Ki charge takes the place of electricity (in later games, this applies to the individual Mishima as well).
  2. EWGF does more damage than the basic Wind God Fist until TTT2, where EWGF deals the same damage as the regular WGF.
  3. EWGF launch the opponent higher than the regular WGF.
  4. EWGF is "faster" than the basic Wind God Fist, but only due to it being a just-frame, i.e. less wind-up time (after having pressed 2, both moves are 11 frames long).
  5. EWGF recovery time is faster than the regular WGF, make it very useful in combo that requires strict timing or position to be successful. Many very high damaging combos only able to do by performing EWGF.
  6. EWGF is safe on block (gives +5 frame advantage) and the opponent is pushed 2-3 times further back, compared to when blocking a regular Wind God Fist (see video).
  7. EWGF has a larger hitbox, making it less likely to whiff.
  8. When performing an EWGF, the character shouts something different compared to when performing a normal Wind God Fist, for example Kazuya will shout "Dorya!" when he performing EWGF. Mimics without voices of course remains silent either way.
  9. If EWGF is guarded, the attacked character is covered in currents of electricity (does not apply to all games).
  10. The EWGF is 14 frames long, but there's exist the "Perfect Electric Wind God Fist" which is 13 frames long. Kazuya is the only one who can perform it, thanks to his Mist Step move. One of the most difficult combos in Tekken (Kazuya's counter hit d/f+2, PEWGF launch) are only able to do if the player perform the PEWGF.

When to use

Due to EWGF's arguably overpowered nature, it is a staple in every Mishima player's arsenal. Any new player who takes up one of these characters is therefore advised to learn to perform EWGF as soon as possible, as well as how to Light Dash or the very least Wave Dash. In actuality, the original EWGF command direction input is similar to DP (Dragon Punch) input, except it has a just frame set up to perform EWGF move.
See: Crouch Dash

While a great offensive weapon, it should not simply be abused, as that would lead to predictability. A little mix-up is therefore advised, such as a sudden low sweep or a mid-hitting punch or kick, to prevent the opponent from evading every high attack and blocking every low one simply by crouching. Other than this, the EWGF is arguably the best launcher in Tekken.


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