Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

Name Rank
Leg Crusher Divine Fist

Tekken 6

Name Rank
Ganryu R&D 7th Kyu
)(Suisui)( 1st Kyu
MonaMonakko 3rd Dan
Pink Don Shan Master
>>>>>>>>> _o?) Marauder
@@JSC@@ Juggernaut
CC M@ster Conqueror
Wendy $_$ Champion
Maronz Fujin
Lili Chrissy *LA* Tekken Emperor

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Name Rank
Dmud2012 Fujin
Halfway True Tekken God
Papas1978 Duelist
Maronz Toshin
Lili Chrissy *LA* Tekken God

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