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Emilie De Rochefort/Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Movelist is a list of every move that Lili can perform in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

Move List

  1. Left Right Back Strike: Square Triangle X.
  2. Left Right Piercing Thorn: Square Triangle Circle.
  3. Sunrise Sunset: Triangle X.
  4. Bed Time: Triangle Circle.
  5. Broken Heart: Square + Triangle.
  6. Divine Step: X + Circle.
  7. Pendulum Strike: East Triangle Square + Triangle.
  8. Circle Knee: East X.
  9. Ivory Revolver: East Circle.
  10. Stinging Nettle: East Square + Triangle.
  11. Sundial: East X + Circle.
  12. Delayed Sundial: East X + Circle X.
  13. Garland Kick Combo: East X + Circle X Circle.
  14. Direct Persuasion: Southeast Square.
  15. Submissive Heel: Southeast X.
  16. Dominating Heel: Southeast Circle Circle.
  17. Backflip Spinning Edge: Southeast X + Circle X + Circle.
  18. Heavy Languish: South Square Triangle Circle.
  19. Bloody Masquerade Piton: South Triangle Triangle X.
  20. Bloody Masquerade Lance: South Triangle Triangle Circle.
  21. Matterhorn Ascension: South X + Circle.
  22. Freesia Thrust: Southwest X.
  23. Edelweiss: Southwest Circle.
  24. Shattered Crown: West Square.
  25. Heliotrope: West Triangle Square.
  26. Twist of Fate: West X.
  27. Feisty Rabbit: West Circle.
  28. Rabbit's Foot: West [Circle X].
  29. Rabbit Thorn: West [Circle Circle].
  30. Dendrobium: West Square + Triangle.
  31. Mirror Image: West X + Circle.
  32. Piercing Thorn Fortissimo: West Square + Circle.
  33. Angel Knee: Northeast X + Circle.
  34. Angel Knee Ascension: Northeast X + Circle X + Circle.
  35. Sunflower Lance: Northeast Circle X.
  36. Allonger Le Bras: East East (hold) Triangle.
  37. Alstroemeria: East East (hold) X X + Circle.
  38. Root of Evil: East East (hold) Circle.
  39. Piercing Thorn: East East (hold) X + Circle.
  40. Dew Glide: South Southeast East.
  41. Slashing Vine: South Southeast East Square.
  42. Angel Heart: South Southeast East Triangle.
  43. En Garde: (While rising) Square.
  44. Delicate Uprising: (While rising) Triangle.
  45. Honeysuckle: (While rising) X Circle.
  46. Horizon Slide: (While crouching) Southeast X.
  47. Stunning Toe Kick: (During sidestep) X.
  48. Minuet: (During sidestep) Square + Triangle.
  49. Shears to Spinning Edge: (Back towards enemy) Circle X + Circle.
  50. Tempest: (Back towards enemy) Square + Triangle.
  51. Reverse Divine Step: (Back towards enemy) X + Circle.
  52. Autumn Wind: (Back towards enemy) South X Circle.
  53. Orchid Ring: (Back towards enemy) South X + Circle.
  54. 10 Hit Combo 1: Circle Square X Circle Circle X Circle Circle X + Circle.
  55. 10 Hit Combo 2: Circle Square X X + Circle X Circle X Square X + Circle Circle.
  56. 10 Hit Combo 3: Circle Square X X + Circle.
  57. Kiss of Devotion: (Approach enemy) Square + X (or East Square + X).
  58. Femme Fatale: (Approach enemy) Triangle + Circle (or East Triangle + Circle).
  59. Soleil: (Approach from left side) Square + X (or Triangle + Circle).
  60. Monaco Mixer: (Approach from right side) Square + X (or Triangle + Circle).
  61. Ravaging Beauty: (Approach from behind) Square + X (or Triangle + Circle).
  62. Rafflesia: (Approach enemy) Southeast Square + Triangle.
  63. Attack Reversal: (Time with enemy punch) West Square + X (or West Triangle + Circle).

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