Feng appears to have a long black hair which is tied in a slicked-back in a low braid and brown eyes. He bears a resemblance to Retsu Kaioh from the manga and anime series, Grappler Baki and also based from the famous martial artist and actor Jet Li. Like Lei, his outfits was his traditional Chinese Kempo attire and his casual outfit.

Tekken 5/Dark Resurrection

Tekken5 Feng Wei Outfits

Feng Wei's outfits in Tekken 5.

Feng debuts in the fifth game and has gained two default outfits.

Player 1 outfit:

Feng is shown in shirtless and wears only a long yellow loin cloth with a neon green design along with matching Kung-Fu pants with red on the right and yellow and green dragon scale design on the left and a matching Chinese shoes (red on the right and green on the left). He also wears a red and green wristbands along with iron bands. This is his martial artist outfit.

Tekken5 Dark Resurrection Feng Wei Outfits

Feng Wei's outfits in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

In Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, the color of his designs from his loin cloth is sky blue, his Kung-fu pants and shoes changed to white and blue.

Player 2 outfit:

Feng now wears a red collared jacket with a white long sleeved open button shirt with sleeves folded within his jacket, matching red pants with a black belt to his waist and black shoes. He also wears a necklace on his neck. This is his formal outfit.

In Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, the color of his formal suit is green and his button shirt becomes black.

Tekken 6/Bloodline Rebellion

Feng retains his two outfits from Tekken 5, which remain unchanged whatsoever.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Player 1 outfit:

(See Tekken 5 Player 1 outfit)

Player 2 outfit:

(See Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection Player 1 outfit)

Tekken 7/Fated Retribution

Feng T7FR

Feng Wei in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution.

Player 1 outfit:

(See Tekken 5 Player 1 outfit)

In Tekken 7: Fated Retribution during Akuma's trailer, Feng now wears a new main outfit which his primary outfit in Tekken 5 was updated.

Feng now wears a blue scarf on his neck and his loincloth is now replaced into a purple small sash adorned with a yellow long sash with a white dragon design and the interior of it was blue green and has shreds in the edge of his long sash and was tied in a red belt with the ribbon was hanging loose on the left side. His Kung-Fu pants are now dark blue with a red band on his left thigh and black and red dragon boots with golden skull designs. He now wears a matching gold and black dragon gauntlets adorned with black short chains in each sides. This new outfit he wears was a golden skull dragon motif.

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