Final Stage is a stage in Tekken 5. Its appearance can be mostly described as a wasteland; The background is filled with tall, smoky tornadoes in front of hills and big boulders being blown across the ground. The area is mostly gray with thick smoke and ash. The sky is green with many ominous clouds in the sky. From a far distance, a temple can be seen.

Background Music

The stage BGM is called "The Finalizer".

Tekken 5 - The Finalizer02:01

Tekken 5 - The Finalizer


  • This stage is where every character will fight Jinpachi Mishima.
    • All characters have at least one interlude (Devil Jin has two) in this stage.
  • The temple seen from a far distance might be the Hon-Maru temple. This one is still seen in Final Stage 2.

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