Fisherman's Slam, called Atomic Blow (アトミックブロー Atomikku Burō) in Japan, was first introduced alongside Bryan Fury as part of his movelist in Tekken 3. Fisherman's Slam hadn't gone through any changes since its introduction until Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, where the damage was reduced to 15.

When to use

Fisherman's Slam has long been a staple in Bryan's moveset. When executed with the While Rising option, it is an excellent punisher for ducked high attacks. When using its qcf (quarter circle forward) input, it is a good way to close distance between the player and their opponent (and, with good timing, it will also duck under high attacks).

Though the Fisherman's Slam is of no use during juggles, it is an excellent juggle starter because of its Bounce Juggle properties. It's worth noting that the Fisherman's Slam will switch the screen position of the user and the opponent, so the player might want to use this to their advantage when backed against a wall.


  • While it is an independent move in the US and EU version with a name of its own, set apart from Right Upper, this is apparently not the case in the Japanese version.
  • During the attack animation, Bryan will always laugh maniacally no matter what game he appears in.
  • In Street Fighter X Tekken, the move was renamed "Fisherman's Hook" for unknown reasons.

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