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Flash punches-a Mishima jab punisher.


Heihachi, Kazuya, and Devil Jin showing the Flash Punch combo. Note the differences in the appearance of the final strike.

Flash Punch Combo, called Flashing Rage Fists (閃光烈拳 Senkō Rekken?) in Japan, is an attack used by the practitioners of the Mishima Style Fighting Karate. With the input 1,1,2 (for Kazuya, Heihachi and Jin/Devil Jin) or 1,2 (for Jinpachi) this move along with the Demon Slayer, is the most used jab punisher of the Mishimas.

When to use

Flash punches are mostly used as a punishing move whenever the opponent's defense becomes open after his/her attack or after successfully breaking down a throw input. This can also be used to put pressure on the opponent in the open or near the wall, as well as to open up a crouch-dash mixup games. This move can be delayed slightly for mind games. It is a natural combination so connecting the final hit is only contingent on connecting with one of the first two (with the exception of Heihachi in Tekken 6, where the last punch is only natural if there is no delayed input).


  • Even though it is the same move with the same input, it seems that the Mishimas perform the flash punches differently. For example, Heihachi and Jin (in Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament) finishes the combo with a thrusting right punch, while Kazuya on the other hand finishes the combo with a crouching right thrust punch, Devil Jin finishes this combo with a right-handed body blow, and Angel (in Tekken Tag Tournament 2) finishes with a lunging abdominal thrust, albeit its range is still a mid. Jinpachi performs the flash punches with only a left-right combo.

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