T7 Stage - Forgotten Realm

Forgotten Realm is a stage in Tekken 7. Takes place in the ruins of an ancient structure with decaying pillars and fragile floors. It has multiple floor breaks. The floor breaks can be triggered anywhere and will drop the fighters down a maximum of three times during the fight. The lowest level is a dimly lit chamber with several statues and blue flames lighting the room, similar to the Tekken 6 stage, Azazel's Chamber (although with walls). The final floor break also features a longer drop than the previous two.

Background Music

First Round

Tekken 7 Soundtrack - Forgotten Realm

Tekken 7 Soundtrack - Forgotten Realm

Round 1.

Final Round

Tekken 7 Soundtrack - Forgotten Realm Final Round

Tekken 7 Soundtrack - Forgotten Realm Final Round

Final Round.


  • During the Tekken 7 location tests, Forgotten Realm had only three floors (two floor breaks). In the final version, a third floor break was added that takes the fighters into the sacred chamber below the ruins.
  • Leo's Character Episode prologue takes place in this stage.
  • When Patch 1.10 came out, there was a bug which resets the scaling, air distance and wall count of the combo after the wall break. As a result, it is possible to do wall carry combos from wall to wall (at the longer perimeter), and it is possible to do combos after more than 3 wall hits.[1] This was fixed in patch 1.11.



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